Meghan and Alain-Rémi

Meghan and Alain-Rémi

Nov 28
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I can honestly say that Kim ensured that my stress level was almost non-existent.

We came across Kim Crosby and SunLovers fortuitously. Her services were suggested through a friend who works within the travel industry.  At that point, we had already decided on a destination wedding but weren’t sure how to go about organizing it. We had guests from all over the country and even overseas and we felt a little overwhelmed with the prospect of choosing a site and organizing travel arrangements, not to mention sorting out the wedding itself. I was a little reluctant at first, with us living in Ontario and Kim being based out of Victoria. But after my first phone conversation with Kim, I felt totally reassured that everything would fall into place. Over the course of 6 weeks, she helped us decide on a resort. This was no small task given our many requirements (nice resort, good beach, delicious food, not too expensive, accessible from everywhere in Canada, child-friendly, able to accommodate a large group, etc). Despite organizing events primarily in Mexico, she extensively researched potential in a variety of Caribbean countries for us, taking into account our large laundry list. Ultimately, we decided on the Azul Beach resort in the Mayan Riviera and were not disappointed.

Having someone who acts as a travel agent and wedding coordinator was invaluable. With respect to travel arrangements for our guests, Kim organized accommodations and/or for all of our 90+ guests whose points of origin included Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal and the UK – no easy task. She went out of her way to accommodate requests and kept us up to date on any concerns. She was absolutely diligent in ensuring that everyone had the correct information, travel documents, etc and very patient with the numerous special requests that our guests had.

She served as a liaison between us and the resort’s wedding coordinators throughout the wedding planning process, using her extensive experience to guide our decision-making while respecting our own ‘vision’ for the wedding day. She also helped us select a photographer whose work we loved! In addition to the wedding itself, she helped us plan a catamaran cruise for our guests two days prior to the wedding. We had tried to organize this ourselves (thinking that this kind of thing was not part of her responsibility) and she was actually upset that we hadn’t included her in this. She then proceeded to find an option that suited us better, for a better price at a location closer to our resort. She’s not kidding when she says that she offers ‘full service’ wedding planning.

In the year leading up to the wedding, I had innumerable people ask me about the stress of planning a wedding. I can honestly say that Kim ensured that my stress level was almost non-existent. I can’t imagine how our wedding would have turned out without her. We are very grateful and I would recommend her services to anyone.