Joe and Renee Watson

Joe and Renee Watson

Nov 16
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She had given us an amazing suggestion about wedding dates and she had renewed our dream of having a destination wedding.

We had all but given up on the idea of a destination wedding...after complete disappointment with two different travel agents who seemed like they couldn't have cared less if they could help us book/plan our dream wedding it seemed like it just wasn't going to happen.

We attended the Bridal Fair in January 2011 and the last person I wanted to talk to was another travel agent. So when I went to the SunLover's booth I simply wanted to get the stamp on my 'passport' so we could enter the contest & hopefully win our dream wedding. And of course, that is when we met Kim.

She was very pleasant and started asking a few questions, I'm sure I came off as quite cold, believing that if the past two couldn't help then how could this one be any different. But the way she asked & the questions she asked were so different than the others, so we figured we should at least hear what she had to say. In a matter of minutes, Kim had managed to completely change our minds and save our wedding plans from falling apart! She had given us an amazing suggestion about wedding dates and she had renewed our dream of having a destination wedding...we were actually feeling excited again, rather than the previous feeling of complete defeat. So we booked an appointment to meet with her to discuss our options.

We found Kim to be very professional and helpful. She really listened to our wants & needs and gave us some fabulous advice and options to decide from. She really helped us through every important detail and made us feel like she truly cared about all of it, every step of the way.

We joked that we wished Kim could come with us, but we weren't able to afford the fee that would go along with that! As luck had it, Kim happened to be travelling to our same resort for an annual awards event for Travel Agents at the same time we were to be there. So we were very excited to have this amazing travel agent/wedding planner and of course new found friend at our wedding.

The resort was amazing, our wedding was perfect...we were treated like royalty the entire time we were there. Everyone involved came together to make sure our special day went as smoothly as possible and it certainly did, we are so very grateful to Kim, as well as the staff and wedding planners of the El Dorado Royale for making our destination wedding everything we dreamed and more....thank you from the bottom of our hearts.