Delia and Kirill Emelyanov

Delia and Kirill Emelyanov

Apr 21

Kim was amazing at counseling and advising me throughout the process of guests paying their deposits and then paying in full for their trip. Everything she said, came true.

Finally, someone who actually listens! After dealing with several other travel agents over the course of 6 months, I decided to contact Kim, as recommended by my co-worker. My co-worker couldn't stop talking about how helpful Kim was and how, because of Kim, her wedding week went off without a hitch. From the first telephone conversation, Kim was honest and direct about how things were going to work, and what I would be able to expect. I hired Kim to be our official travel agent ( I dealt personally with the wedding planner responsible for the big day as it was arranged at an off-site location, not at the hotel).

Kim took the time to explain to me how the business works, and how her business differs from buying a single ticket of a popular vacation website. She explained what was realistic in terms of prices, terms and conditions, and benefits. When we talked about budget, she was the only person out of everyone I have spoken with that said she can work with that budget. Every other travel agent pressured me into buying tickets that were way more expensive than what we were comfortable with. Kim was the only one who said to wait and not commit to anything right away, as some promotions were about to come up. She even got the director of the airline on the phone to get an explanation as to why certain prices for one week at the beginning of April were so much more expensive than at the end of April (spring break!). Kim's recommendation that we choose a smaller resort in order to keep in touch with our guests was right on!

Kim was amazing at counseling and advising me throughout the process of guests paying their deposits and then paying in full for their trip. Everything she said, came true. She warned me that there were always going to be people who just can't commit, regardless of our relationship with them, she warned us that guests would always question our choice of resort (which they did, at first), and she warned us that even parents will be difficult to deal with. Kim always reminded me that ultimately it was going to be our day, and our decisions will be the most important ones.

Everything Kim recommended for us to do turned out fabulous. Kim suggested we get an oceanfront suite, and we did, and it was to die for. She recommended that we upgrade our seats to club class, which was incredible (lots of leg room, unlimited drinks... the 6 hour flight felt like 5 minutes). She even contacted the hotel before we arrived to make sure we get the nicest out of all the available oceanfront suites! Best of all, she supported our choice of getting a direct flight (which limited everyone's options for travel, but ended up being so convenient and effortless), and even dealt with last minute changes in guests' travel plans. When we discussed at the beginning of the process that I was going to deal with wedding planning personally, she respected my choice and gave me some tips on how to approach that wedding planner in order to get results (and it worked!!).

Throughout the process, Kim was extremely helpful and attentive, and really took the time to understand what our wishes were. She taught us lots about travel planning, and provided one on one support when we needed it. This is her personality, ready to help anyone, and combine that with a wealth of knowledge about the business, and you get a truly unique experience. Even if you wanted, you couldn't pay to to get customer service like that anywhere else.

The guests absolutely loved the hotel, and everyone ended up having a great time. It was simple to get together, as the resort was not too big, but we still had privacy when we wanted it. The entire concept of "unlimited luxury" in a resort is the way to go. And not having wristbands made for some beautiful wedding photos. The staff at the resort were very professional and accommodating. They were punctual, and followed through on commitments. The hotel was an excellent choice, the flight was hassle-free, and thanks to all the things Kim taught us and supported us with, when the wedding day arrived, I had no stress. After we got back from the wedding, Kim followed up with us and made sure our trip went well. Correction, our trip was amazing, beyond just "well". All the tips you gave us, all the education you provided, all the advice on what to do ended up saving us so much hassle and money on the long run. When I think of how we almost got taken advantage of by the other agents (top results on Google, fancy websites, etc), I cringe.

Thank you very much for all your hard work, dedication, and love. You were honest, helpful, flexible, and so much fun to work with throughout the entire process, even when half of our wedding party did not have travel tickets booked after the deposit deadline! You sure make your brides feel like brides, not like some pocketbook in an assembly line of requests. You made sure to give us a personalized experience, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. I believe anyone who is not using Kim to plan their destination wedding or wedding travel is missing out on some valuable information and an incredible experience. In the end, everything Kim said ended up coming true.

I would recommend Kim to anyone planning a destination wedding, anywhere in the world. My co-worker was right :)

Thanks a million!!

Delia and Kirill