Cory and Jennifer Wolchyn

Cory and Jennifer Wolchyn

Nov 29

Kim is a total professional who knows exactly what she's doing and can deliver above and beyond.

My wife and I were married this past winter at the El Dorada Seaside Suites near Tulum Mexico. This was entirely arranged through Kim Crosby of SunLovers Travel in Victoria. It was fantastic and exceeded expectations throughout the entire holiday.

It's difficult describing how awesome our wedding/vacation was, for us and our guests without continuously using words such as awesome and fantastic.

Kim was referred to us by a friend.  We were able to get an appointment with her immediately. We were instantly comfortable and could tell we had met a professional. We had a short timeframe and some vague ideas and a modest budget. Kim had ideas and a plan.

She suggested the El Dorado Seaside, a small boutique resort, adults only, right on the beach, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. It was perfect. The type of place you hear about but realize are quite rare and special.

It bills itself as Gourmet Inclusive and lives up to that. I had the single best meal I've ever been served at this resort. A cheese fondue type dish served with a perfect steak, which had no business ever coming near cheese or anything to hide its perfection. Also a very authentic Mayan dinner which I will never forget. I could go on.

The rooms were beautiful and spotless. The staff amazing and awesome. The beach was great and kayaking and snorkeling available. I made it out on the water a half dozen times and had some of our guests out kayaking for the first time ever. We spent time in the pools and swim up bars. All excellent. Every night was live entertainment. All of it was unexpectedly first rate. Like really well done and polished. The night of Cirque style acrobatics was simply too cool.

The spa was gorgeous. Steam bath and sauna and waterfall showers. We had a couples beach massage one evening and it was the best.

As to the wedding itself, this is where things really became over the top fantastic. Kim had guided us towards choosing a simple wedding with only a couple added touches and we assumed things would be fun and quick but had no real idea how great it would be. Our meeting with the wedding planners at the resort started things off. We met with three lovely ladies over bites and cocktails to make sure everything was going to plan and of course it was. They were so professional and helpful. We changed a couple little things and they happily did it, no problem. The wedding day was so great. I was given access to a separate grooms room and it was made up with beautiful Mexican foods and drink and Jen was delivered similar to the ladies prep room. The gazebo looked fabulous and even the sand was raked. A bar was set up and a bartender and serve staff were there for the guests! Just one of many little things that we found awesome and we had no idea to expect.

Our wedding lady was beautiful and friendly and when we said 'I Do' the gentlemen had perfectly timed cork pops on bottles of champagne.

Just a sunny afternoon with white curtains billowing off the gazebo, red carpet, white sands and champagne. No way to ask for more. It was perfect.

We had a private dinner planned for after and it was set up at another gazebo with a bar and beautiful tables and a fleet of awesome servers and we served our guests steak and lobster and salads and we partied and watched the sun set. Everyone was blown away by the greatness of it all.

But it was far from over. We all made it over to the beach bar and our happiness spread to the entire group of people there. So much fun.

And the cherry on top was it just happened to be Reggae Beach Party night and literally we danced for hours barefoot under the stars to an amazing group of musicians.

Quite simply the perfect wedding.

I would recommend this to anyone.

We just would not have changed a thing about it.

We wish Kim Crosby continued success as a destination wedding planner, a total professional who knows exactly what she's doing and can deliver above and beyond, and completely affordable.