Andrew and Rebecca Harper

Andrew and Rebecca Harper

Apr 5

You went above and beyond and we are so appreciative.

We firmly believe that a destination wedding can be a beautiful and unique way to begin a new chapter of your lives together. But we also firmly believe that without the right help, a destination wedding can be just as stressful, costly, and time-consuming as a traditional wedding. And by the right help, we mean Kim Crosby and SunLovers. From the moment we met Kim to the moment we said "I do," we were confident in Kim's ability to give us our perfect day.

The early planning stages with Kim were so invaluable to us. Kim helped us identify our priorities in choosing a resort - large, 5-star, reputable weddings, and reasonably priced - and provided us with quotes from our top 3 resorts. Once we selected our resort and confirmed our wedding date and time, Kim worked with us to get all of our invitations out to our guests. With guests invited from multiple departure locations across Canada and the US, we can't image trying to coordinate all of the travel bookings ourselves. Kim was great about communicating with all of our guests about flight changes, hotel options and the required documentation for travel.

Liaising with the resort wedding coordinators was also an incredibly daunting task for us - we'd heard rumors about how hard it can be to get answers to questions. Kim took care of it all and made it all look so easy! She included us in all emails to the resort and managed any disruptions to our planning without us even knowing about most of them, keeping our stress levels in check for the entire year.

Once we got down to the Dominican Republic, Kim's extra effort was certainly evident - and very much appreciated! The wedding coordinators were ready for us and had the finalized plans from Kim, so all we had to do was review and confirm our choices. But it was the little extra things that left us really impressed with Kim. From a room upgrade to the presidential suite (with a private pool and countless other perks) to unlimited a la carte dining for our entire group, our wedding week could not have been more perfect!

And then to top it all off, Kim helped Andrew book a surprise honeymoon to New York City and arranged all of our flights for that, including cancelling our return flight from the Dominican Republic to Vancouver. We were able to sit back and relax, knowing that everything was taken care of.

Like many of the other couples that have hired Kim, we were often asked about the stress of wedding planning. We were honestly able to tell our family and friends that this was one of the easiest and least stressful times in our lives. Without Kim, we strongly doubt this would have been the case.

Kim - thank you so much for everything you did for us! You went above and beyond and we are so appreciative. Thanks to you, we will never forget our week in the Dominican Republic.