Tips and Advice

Q: How early should I confirm a Wedding Date

A year is typical and the norm however, earlier is always better especially if you plan on traveling in peak travel periods.

Q: How do I choose an All-Inclusive Hotel with all the options out there?

I would recommend you find a Professional who has first-hand travel experience and have been to many of the different destinations and hotels. Looking through all the Travel Brochures can be quite confusing as they all look great right? They should be able to consult with you and determine what inclusions and/or facilities are most important to you. From there, they should be able to recommend options best suited to you. Further, it is important to find someone who has experience with planning Weddings also. If not, they may recommend a hotel and with no knowledge on the Weddings at each hotel, you could be in for a surprise. At SunLovers, we recommend hotels based on overall customer satisfaction in both their accommodations and wedding experience.

Q: What are the Seasons in Mexico?

Rainy Season- May through October is rainy season. These months tend to be quite humid and would recommend avoiding travel at this time or choose an area that is not as affected.

Spring & Summer- This is the hottest and most humid time to travel to Mexico. If heat is your thing, you would want to travel during this time.

Fall – If you prefer a more comfortable climate, November – January would be the ideal travel time. It is the end of rainy season and although there is a chance of  little rain, the temperature is warm but not overwhelming. It will cool down through the night only.

Q: When do I go to get the best price?

The best time to travel based on price would be the month of November and early December. If you want the best weather, you are best to travel February to April however this is high season and you will pay a surcharge for traveling during these months. The prices sometimes drop slightly in April or May.

Q: What is the most popular Destination?

Mexico is the most sought after destination for Weddings. Several reasons for this; shorter flight times, direct flights from most Canadian Cities and more flight options to this destination. There are many Tour Operators & flights to Mexico, offering you better value. For example, if you choose a destination where one tour operator offers and there is no other competition into this destination, you will most likely pay a higher price.

Q: Is it possible to coordinate travel for my guests who live all over Canada and Abroad?

We arrange groups with departures from all over the country and this is no problem. It is important to know the departure cities you require and let us know. That way, we can recommend a destination that would accommodate all departures. Out of country guests, we can arrange hotel only and they would book their own flights separately.

Q: What is the difference between SunLovers and the .COM Companies?

SunLovers is a boutique Travel Agency with 20 years of experience offering the best service in Destination Weddings & Travel. During the last 5 to 10 years, Destination Weddings have become extremely popular and so has the demand for qualified Professionals for this service. Many online companies recruit Travel Agents who want to grow their business by offering Destination Weddings. They will do a 3-5 hour online course and viola, they are a Destination Wedding Specialist. Buyer Beware! It is your responsibility to qualify your potential Agent to ensure they have the expertise to follow through on their promises.  Bigger isn’t always better.

Q: How should I choose a Destination Wedding Specialist?

First and foremost, you have to be happy with this person’s service. Did they reply to your inquiry promptly? Were they pleasant to talk to? And finally, were they helpful?

You should interview your Agent to ensure they have the knowledge and experience to plan your important day. Ask them if they have been to these places, what was their experience like? Will they help plan the Wedding itself or just the travel?

My experience with couples is that they don’t know what services are available to them, so when they meet  a “Destination Wedding Specialist” who offer travel services but not wedding planning, they accept this as the standard. A true Destination Wedding Specialist will not only have the travel experience to help you choose the right resort and destination for you based on a lengthy consultation but they will plan your wedding with you.